Eye Candy Friday and more…

100_9690 Eye Candy today is a shot taken at Bair Ranch on the edge of Glenwood Canyon in Colorado.  The fall colors were just awesome, the blue sky, as always, breath-taking in Colorado!

So my fun assignment today is to start piecing the binding for my first quilt!  While our husbands are at a Broncos game on Sunday, Katherine and I are going to complete Miranda.  I still haven’t decided quite how I want to label her…  I’m waiting to hear from Huckleberry how she does hers and I’ve seen how Grandma does it…  just can’t decide yet…

Denise, Katherine and I are headed down for a shopping/girls day out tomorrow, when I’m hoping to get all the fabric for my next quilting adventure!

Here’s a picture of Miranda, as I picked her up from the long-arm quilter lady.  I folded the unfinished edges underneath.  It’s actually a pretty big quilt, bigger than I had originally intended…I think it tuned out to be pretty close to twin bed size.100_9850

I’m kinda surprised at how stiff she is, but I’m hopeful that she’ll soften right up in the wash.  I can’t wait to get this completely finished! 

So in other news, we stopped in at The Yarn Studio in Minturn while in Colorado.  What a fun, little place.  I think we were in there for an hour or so.  It’s a very small shop, but lots and lots to look at.  I bought some gorgeous fall colored ribbon yarn to finish an edging on a shawl, but sadly, it doesn’t match at all…  Gonna have to find something else to do with it…100_9905   I started this shawl last fall and when it was long enough to start trying on, I realized pretty quickly that it wasn’t going to be wide enough for my liking, so I back-burnered it for a year.  I brainstormed with the lady at The Yarn Studio and I’ve decided to pick up all the stitches on the long sides and add a seed stitch border until the entire piece is the width that I want it to be…then maybe a yarn-over row that I can string a pretty novelty or ribbon yarn through.  I think it’ll look really special when I get it done…next year.  lol

100_9609 Just for fun, here’s a picture of The Yarn Studio.  Cute, cute, cute store.

Guess that’s it for today.  I’m going to go get my sewing machine out and get busy.  We have a fun full weekend, with shopping on Saturday and football games and crafting at home on Sunday.  (It’s going to be a perfect day for staying in on Sunday too…high of 40 and cloudy.)

Hope you have a great, fun weekend too.


2 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday and more…

  1. You are so crafty~ is there anything you can’t do? ;0)
    I just taught myself how to crochet a hat. And I’m still learning.
    Maybe I’ll try knitting next.

  2. Cute stuff, girlie! I just started a shawl out of this luscious superwash wool, a peachy pink color, worsted weight on 11’s, so loose. Has a nice yo border for an accent, too. I’ve got about 6″ done, but I just started it Friday. Maybe?? for this year?? LOL

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