Completely into life and creativity

100_9851 I’m going through a creative high point, right now, with desire to scrapbook, knit, take pictures, cook, anything creative.  I’m feeling really good (which is probably strange to hear, after yesterday’s post) but I really am.

Ali’s new book has given me a  creative spark!  She’s really out-done herself.  How can she keep putting out better and better and more inspiring work?  She’s just amazing!

I so want to buy this next book, too The Gentle Art of Domesticity.Thegentleart  It was written by one of the bloggers that I read pretty regularly and it sounds like, from reading all the reviews, that it’s about everything I that love:

"Jane Brocket delights in domesticity. Lively, curious and creative, she takes inspiration from her surroundings, from art, literature and nature and, through the gentle arts of knitting, baking and sewing, enhances her family life. From angora cushions to gingerbread houses, from crochet blankets to geometric quilts, she injects her home with colour, beauty and fun. The result is a gorgeous, unusual and inspirational commonplace book, full of wit, whimsy and stunning photographs. Jane’s fresh and thoughtful take on life will make you look at the world with new eyes. Whether you want to emulate her hand-knitted socks and colourful cupcakes or simply share her pleasure in life’s small details, you will delight in the glorious synthesis of craft, style and intellectual pleasures. THE GENTLE ART OF DOMESTICITY is a heavenly feast, celebrating everything that is wonderful about life."

  My only problem is this:  the book hasn’t been released in the U.S.  So, on top of it being 50 bucks already, I’d have to pay for shipping from the U.K.  UGH!  If you’d like to check out her blog, here’s the address: .

I can’t get enough of scrapping lately.  With the arrival of Ali’s new book in the mail last week and the 2008 CKU dates being announced and deciding to attend again, I am really into the whole creative process again…so much so that the mess in my scrapbook room doesn’t bother me in the least!  lol100_9913

This is, hands down, my favorite picture from our whole vacation…  It’s so definitive of Will, to me.  He’s independent, smart, always thinking and checking things out.  The title says it all.  Love that boy!

100_9912 The photo was taken while geo-caching in the Vail Vally, up above Avon.  He’s not as close to the edge of the mountain as it looks, otherwise there’d be no photo, mother!  lol

100_9909 Also got to use my oh-so-cool skull stamp that I just had to have!  My baby is very excited about Halloween this year and very aware of it’s close proximity!  I had to document it.  He’s been counting down for several days now!  He’s so funny.

100_9911 And in my opinion, you just can’t go wrong when you use swirlies!  (Somewhere deep inside me there’s a girly girl, trying to get out!  lol)

The next one is yesterday’s online make-and-take project from 2Peas.  Saw it and knew I had to do it.100_9890

Mine is quite a bit different from the one on 2Peas in that I really just stole the sketch…I didn’t want to buy supplies, having a room already overflowing with scrapbook goodies…  But still the layout was so great, I had to use it.

100_9860 I love how she chopped the top of the paper!  That was the first thing that caught my eye.  Love it!

I even found time to put together a book from our vacation already.  The book was one that I created at CKU in 2006 and have been saving for our next trip to Vail.  Here are some of the pages in our vacation book:100_9863 100_9866 100_9869

100_9870_2 100_9877_2



100_9887_2So, I’ve been busy with the scrapbook stuff the last few days.  I’m so, so excited about going to another CKU.  Ali announced, on her blog, the other day, that she’s creating a new album for 2008!  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

My cousin Debbie is coming along.  I’m trying to talk Mandy into coming…I wonder if Katherine would have any interest in doing this…hmmm…  I’m holding my breath til Tracey tells me that she’s coming for sure!  We’re going to have a ball!

I better get going…  More fun yarn and quilting stuff to share later.

Have a great day!


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