Hopeful and Enthusiastic

100_9714_2  I have thyroid disease…and I like to cook and eat… and I’m as unhealthy as I could be without having a terminal illness, because of my weight…  I’m afraid of surgery, afraid of really injuring myself in exercise classes and really afraid that I won’t fit into an airplane chair next spring, when I’m planning to fly to Chicago for CKU.

In every other aspect of my life, I’m happy.   Now I have a goal, I have a plan and I’m going to tackle this with everything I’ve got!

I’VE GOT A PLAN…and it’s going to take a village, honey.


2 thoughts on “Hopeful and Enthusiastic

  1. First off Tina, I think you are absolutely beautiful! Your inner beauty shines through and it’s reflective on the outside as well. I’ve always thought that about you, that you are gorgeous! Never be ashamed of you because YOU are an awesome mommy, wife, friend, crafter, homemaker, and just a wonderful person overall! You are much braver than I am to post a photo of yourself because I, too, know how hard that can be when you don’t like what you see in the mirror. I’m proud of you in so many ways. And I’m willing to help be part of your “village” too. I can be the long distance cheering section! Don’t let a silly number become who you are. Don’t let the negative self doubt creep in and take over your spirit. Your family and friends love you so much and we see beyond everything you don’t like about your appearance. You amaze me everytime I open this blog! Thank you for letting me lurk into your life!

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