Oktoberfest Parade

100_9483 The parade went really well this morning.  All the Cub Scouts had fun, throwing candy out to the children, lining the street.  Our Will had a really fun time with his friends and riding on the Scouts float.

I’m so happy and proud of this boy.  It’s so awesome to watch him, growing and doing new things, interacting with his friends, doing "big boy" stuff.  I’m so happy that he’s ours!

Bee had fun with Christian and Anja, collecting candy and watching the parade.

100_9493 We came home with a ton of candy…just like last year.  The boys are in Heaven!

Miss Anja and Mr. Christian didn’t do too badly in the candy department either!!!

So, we’ve had to change our vacation plans due to a last minute, nasty cold that I’ve picked up.  We’ll be leaving tomorrow and going straight to Vail.  I guess you can be sick and in bed in Vail as easily as you can in Nebraska, huh?  I’m taking care of myself and Scott’s going to get some cough drops and Nyquil for me and I’ll be good as gold very soon.

So that’s it for me.  Just had to share how much fun the boys had at the parade!


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