Monday Morning

100_5613_3 I’m so excited!  Our trip to Vail is right around the corner.  I’m making plans and making lists.  I can’t wait! 

This year the Nguyens are joining us half way through the week.  We’re going to have so much fun!  The kids are going to love it!  I can’t wait-I feel like one of the kids myself!

I’m going over to Katherine’s house today-going to cook pumpkins and seeds and talk about the trip to Vail, make menus maybe…  It’s going to be a fun day.  Even going to take the boys over to their house after school…then Bee has a football game tonight.  Gotta think of something quick and easy for late dinner.100_9341

Just gonna share some happy pictures now…  I still can’t believe I’m eating tomatoes and liking it…  For 39 years I hated tomatoes…  I’m not sure what changed…  These are my homegrown Romas added to a dull frozen pizza and they made a world of yummy difference!

No frost forecast for the next week, so we’ll get to enjoy them a few more days.  I may pick as many as possible before we leave for Vail and let them ripen in the front window…just in case…100_9203

I’m not the only one who’s going to miss our tomatoes!  K.C. has just discovered the joys of homegrown tomatoes too… 

tootsie-pop could have told him a long time ago…100_9343_2

They’re so funny…  they accompany me outside every single time now and cry and beg and look at the tomato plants.  (spoiled rotten doggies!)

I’m not complaining, I love sharing with them.  They’re so much fun…tootsie-pop discovered a couple ripe strawberries yesterday too!  It was like she won the doggie lottery!

I picked most of the bell peppers yesterday.  I think they aren’t enjoying the cooler weather that we’ve been having and they aren’t growing nearly as quickly as they were…100_9358_2   Also broke down and cut a couple flowers to enjoy indoors…  I don’t know why I have a problem cutting flowers…  I’ve thought a cutting garden would be a lot of fun to have, but I already have roses everywhere…  why not cut one once in a while?  Pretty, huh?

My Mom and Dad are in Ft. Collins this morning, picking up my quilt for me.  She’s going to send  me a picture later today and then I’ll pick it up this Saturday.  I’m really excited.  Can’t wait for Katherine and I to have time to bind it off.

And speaking of binding off…100_9357   I finished the cute, little sleeveless hoodie.  I love it.  It’s thick and warm.  The boys love that it has a hood.  I still need to put the zipper in and it hasn’t been washed yet…  But I couldn’t wait to share it…  I’m so happy that this one actually fits and they can wear it THIS year…  lol

100_9346_2 When did Bee learn how to do that handsome boy/model look?

I can’t wait for Mama to finish her version of this sweater.  It’s a beautiful burnt orange.  Mine was made for Will this time and Mama’s is for Bee.  (not that it matters, they’ll both probably end up wearing both sweaters…)

I guess that’s it for now.  Need some more coffee.

Hope you have a great Monday! 


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