Saturday Morning…

Saturday morning has been a little disappointing so far.  First of all, wisely, we decided not to go to Fort Collins and pick up my quilt today.  We’re going to be in Colorado next weekend already.  Why go down two weekends in a row?  We have plenty to do around here anyway…  So, I’m a little bummed about waiting another week for my quilt this morning.  But also, I was really looking forward to the cold front that was forecast and I got up this morning, made my coffee and headed out to the deck and it’s warm already…YUCK!  Looks like the front has been delayed and will be here tomorrow, when I will try again to enjoy my coffee outside… 

Alright, got that out of my system, on to the fun stuff:Spotlightpumpkins I got pumpkins!  Hazel’s Pumpkin Patch delivers again!  We had so much fun out there.  It’s a 30 minute drive from home, out in the middle of nowhere, but so worth it.  The owners do a fabulous job!  They even painted the little farm house Halloween colors, since last year and it’s PURPLE!!!  So cute!!  I’ve never been to the pumpkin patch early enough to see the foliage still green.  It looks completely different and beautiful.  The boys had a blast and can’t wait to go again!  They picked out pumpkins for me.  Scott found the giant one for me–62 lbs–close, but no cigar.  (we were trying to beat Ali’s 69 pounder.) 

Scott’s company paid for dinner for everyone at Hazel’s.  (chili, hot dogs, snacks.)  It was cool, fun, lots of people to talk to and kids to play with.  Perfect.

I thought I remembered this old truck from last year, but Scott tells me they didn’t have it last year.  I thought it was adorable.  100_9216

100_9220 And I can’t get over that purple house.  I want a purple house!!!

100_9227 My Dood knows what to do, the first big pumpkin we came to, "This one is for Mommy!"  Course, he couldn’t lift it, but it’s the thought that counts.  Only a few minutes later, we had a full wagon!100_9237

My boys were looking forward to playing in the little playhouse that they remembered from last year.  I must say, they fit much better last fall.  They both must have grown a foot this year!100_9258


My Dood, king of the straw bale.  But this was only the beginning.  Later all the kids were running and playing on top of 6 ft tall bales, giving all the moms heart attacks. 

All the kids were falling and just getting back up there…  Bee fell off once and wimped out a little, came over to where we were sitting, crying.  Scott told him, "If you’re going to play like a big boy, you can’t cry like a baby."  Worked like magic…He went right back to playing.  WHATEVER!



So in addition to this, I found time to do my page swap and one afternoon to just hang out at the lss and play.  I had so much fun.  First off, here’s the page I made for June this month.She’ll have to do her journaling with a slick writer, since my journal box is a transparency, but I thought it looked cool-not something that everyone would have chosen, I know, but I liked it.  Hope June does too.

And then I took one of June’s classes and made the cutest little projects-little Halloween treat bags, one for each boy.100_9188   They’re going to love them. 

And then speaking of Halloween, we got their costumes in the mail yesterday.  I put them out on each boys’ bed, while they were at school.  When they came home I said, "Well, anybody in the mood for a surprise?  Go look on your beds."

I heard, "Wow!"  "Awesome!"  "Cool!"  And here’s what they look like:100_9334

Is it a little strange, seeing a Storm Trooper hug Boba Fett, a galactic bounty hunter?  Who knew they were even friends?  lol

They are cute, I must admit…  Not sure if the costumes were really worth how much they cost.  (which was so much that I’m embarrassed to say how much I paid.)

I guess that’s it for today…and my coffee cup is empty…  Plan to do a bunch of knitting today and Scott and Will are going to sell Boy Scout popcorn.  They’ll be getting a late start, though, since my crazy man was out, playing the new Halo til nearly 4am!

I hope you have a great Saturday!


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