My Boy Scout and other stuff

100_9133 Will was pretty excited to wear his new Tiger Cubs uniform for the first time last night.  Last night’s meeting was the first time that Will said he had fun.  (there was lots of playing and kid activities this time.)   I told him that it was just going to be more and more fun every time.  (I think it is.)

Will and I went out to Pizza Hut afterward, per his request for "sgetti."  Ended up that he had 2 or 3 bites of sgetti and too much chocolate milk and tossed his cookies in the restaurant…  Oh well… such is life with a kid.

Last night’s Boy Scout meeting was fun for me too…it was cool enough for me to enjoy being there and the adults had time to talk and visit and not just "take care of business."  I think I’m really going to enjoy it.  Especially love all the stuff that Scott and I get to do with Will.100_9140   He’s such a smart little boy.  It’s so awesome to watch him learning and growing.  That handsome young man standing next to Will is Tim. (our main inspiration for getting involved with Boy Scouts.)

In other news, how ’bout a list?

1.   I have a lunch date with Miss Mandy today~really looking forward to that.  And I need to go by the lss to pick up page swap stuff.

2.  Tomorrow we’re getting Scotty’s football pictures taken and then going over the the pumpkin patch!  WOO HOO!

3.  Then Friday is a fundraising dinner for the boy scouts and knitting with Mrs. Nguyen.

4.  And Saturday the whole family is going down to Fort Collins.  Why, you ask?  TO PICK UP MY QUILT!  It’s done and I’m so excited!  Sharon (the quilting lady) said it turned out beautiful and girly.  Still have to do the binding, but I see the light…  Also going to get supplies to prepare my strawberry tree for winter… and have lunch somewhere fabulous…

5.  As of right now, we have nothing going on on Sunday.  Won’t that be nice?


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