And furthermore…

What’s gotten into me?  I want to go thrifting…  Yes, me.Thriftstuff Look at all this pretty stuff Nora found at thrift stores!  I would never be so lucky, right?

And Knitting Iris is always finding beautiful vintage fabric (and ugly vintage coffee mugs…)  lol

If you’d like to check out these two blogs, their links are on my sidebar.  I read them regularly and love them.

I was in the mood to scrapbook again…and looking at Elsie Flannigan’s work and Nora Griffin’s work, I wanted to play around with that kind of style and this is what I came up with:100_9123 I’m not sure I did the picture justice, but I can always do another layout with the same picture.  (For those of you who don’t know, this is my mom and Scott’s mom.)  I like the juvenile look of this design, but I’m not so sure it matches the mood of the photograph…  I dunno, maybe I’ll try again…  It’s a really special picture…  Who knows when these two ladies (who both mean the world to us) will be together again…

Got to use my SU knitting stamps, anyway…  lol

So back to thrifting…there are a couple thrift stores, here in town…  It’s supposed to be cool tomorrow, both boys will be at school…  Just sends the mind racing, doesn’t it? 

I’m off to knit!


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