So, what should we do on the last day of summer?

100_9075Play in the pool!  And if your Mommy has a bad cold and a bum back, and your Daddy is out of town, you play in the baby pool that you outgrew 3 years ago.

The weather was nice, they got all wet and happy.  It was good.100_9067   I told them that today was the last day of summer and this was all Will’s idea…what a smart boy, taking in every last moment of summer that he can!

Will’s den leader brought over his brand new Cub Scout uniform, while they were playing in the pool…  I haven’t told him yet.  I want to sew on the patches and wash it and have it ready to wear (and take pictures) when I give it to him.  He’s going to love it! 

And speaking of Boy Scouts, I think I sent everyone an email about selling popcorn…  If you didn’t get an email and would like popcorn, just drop me a line and I’ll hook you up.100_9085

Here’s my handsome little boy scout, enjoying the sunshine this afternoon.

And while we were pooling and swinging and taking pictures…

tootsie-pop was trolling for tomatoes!100_9076  And she got one.  Can you see the smile on her little, fuzzy face?  She was begging for more, but I wasn’t willing to share anymore today…

She did her best, trying to convince me that she needed more…but I didn’t give in.

And look at these pictures, her cute little face and if you could hear her cry like a baby puppy…it was a huge feat not to give in~!

100_9072_2And where was the other doggie, you ask? 

Well, first of all, he isn’t a huge fan of fresh veggies and secondly, he has a new favorite spot inside the house…100_9116

Favorite Scott (aka Daddy) fixed this little spot for our K.C., who has always loved to look out the front window, but usually isn’t tall enough to reach.  Especially in the afternoon, when the sun comes in the front window, he’s in doggie Heaven!!!

So, in addition to playing outside, I have found time for some scrapbooking today too…  I was really feeling the pull of all my scrapbook stuff. 

Especially with this latest purchase, at Archiver’s last weekend:

I wasn’t wild about the Love, Elsie product lines, but this new Elsie "Jack and Abby" is a whole different story.  I absolutely love it and can’t wait to come up with an appropriately cool project to use it on.  And that cute, little Heart-felt KI album…even cuter in person!100_9059 100_9053

Have 25 pictures that you want to get on one layout?  Do like Ali does and grab your square punch!  When I showed this page to Will, it’s the first time that I sensed that he was really excited about a scrapbook thing.  He really thought it was cool and it MADE MY DAY!

Scotty has already requested his own….

100_9058 Then I did this one, which is totally ripped off from Lisa Truesdell’s magazine layout.  I loved it and immediately thought of this silly picture of my newly pedicured tootsie!  If you’d like to check out her blog, here’s the link: and you can check out the layout that I lifted.  lol  And then finally, here’s the last page:100_9113   It’s an original and it’s for a challenge, presented by Belinda and (I think) her group of scrapping friends in Texas.  She just sent out the challenge yesterday, but I was in the mood to scrap, darn it.  So here it is!  Love, love, love orange and pink together…I don’t use it much because it looks girly and a little busy, but this page was about busy and clutter and disorganization…it fit well.  And, have I told you lately how much I love my Cricut?  I only own three fonts, two of which came with the machine and that’s enough diversity to keep me happy for a long time.  I am thinking about buying the Christmas cartridge this year…haven’t decided yet.

And lastly, here’s a simple, little card that I made for a friend’s birthday.  It’s late, but I hope she likes it…100_9112 I really didn’t even know it was her birthday, til the other day, when she told me…  I bet she doesn’t know when mine is either…because all we ever talk about are our children…  She lives next door to me and is the first person I met, here in Sidney.  I should have known it was her birthday.  I’ll know next year!  When she’ll be a whole, whopping, old 28!  (Geesh!)  You’re a sweetheart, Heidi!

Guess that’s it for now.  Scott won’t be home from fishing til late.  I’m going to go figure out an early dinner for the boys and me…and sit on my butt and knit.

Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend too.


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