Eye Candy Friday

100_8598_3 Garden pictures for Eye Candy Friday.  I’m not sure how long I’ll have my garden.  I’ve read on other blogs that some people have already lost their gardens to early frost…  I think I still have a week that I can safely count on…  I still have 50-60 tomatoes on the vine that I hope I get to harvest…

100_8780_4 I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for these bell peppers to turn red and finally…  here it is.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I can’t wait to have fajitas!  Mmmmm.

So, I’m packing and getting ready to take off for Colorado this afternoon.  It’s just Bee and me this time–gonna be weird but fun.  Dood is staying in town with Daddy in order to participate in a boy scout event Saturday morning.

Saturday morning I’ll be taking a Christmas card class at Archiver’s and having lunch with the girls in Denver.  Should be fun.  Then home to Guh’s house to shop for yarn for a new project…100_8730   This will be the first time I’ve knit with super bulky yarn and big needles.  I couldn’t resist this little sweater, when Katherine told me about it.  I’m making Will’s and Mother is making Bee’s…  not sure colors yet, depends on what we find…  Should be pretty quick, compared to the sweater that I just finished, right?

Yep, you read that right!!!!!!!  I finished Bee’s sweater, MY FIRST SWEATER yesterday!  I must admit I was wallowing in pride for a while yesterday afternoon, just looking at the thing.  lol100_8729

I don’t know why, but I pretty much freaked out when I decided to go ahead and wash it…  It’s 100% wool, so hand washing is required…  which is fine, but I’ve just never done it before.  It was a very scary thing to put my beloved first sweater in a sink full of soapy water!  I used Woolite.  It came out of the wash so, so soft!  I only washed mine, so far, making sure I know what I’m doing, before I wash Mama’s.

You know, we made these sweaters together, at the same time, using the same pattern.  I know I wasn’t as careful as I should have been when measuring, but I would never have guessed there was this much difference…100_8731   I think they’ll still be able to wear it this year, they’ll just fit completely differently.  Mama’s comes slightly over the waistband of their pants.  Mine will hang down nearly  mid-bottom butt.  And if it’s just entirely too big, I’ll try to roll it under at the waist or just wait til the next growth spurt…  which seem to come more and more frequently…

I can’t wait for it to dry thoroughly, so that I can see it on my boys!!!

Also this weekend, I’m dropping off Miranda to be long arm quilted!100_8709 She’s all ready:  sewn, washed, pressed, pieced, packaged and labeled.  It’ll take Sharon (the quilter in Fort Collins) 2-3 weeks to get her done, then my first quilt will come home to be bound and signed!  The binding is a floral, blue fabric and is just going to make the whole thing pop!  I can’t wait to snuggle up with this quilt!

Denise and Katherine and I have set a date for our next fabric run!  October 20th, we’re heading off to Fort Collins for the whole day to shop at Joann’s (fabric for my boys’ quilts that I plan to start after Christmas), Michael’s for yarn and maybe dye…(Katherine and I are going to play with yarn and dye in January too.)  Hu-Hot for lunch and maybe Old Navy for my boys…  It’s going to be great!

So, as for projects still in progress, I have a pair of socks started that I want to complete at Socktoberfest next month and Rachael, who is far enough along now, to actually see a light at the end of the tunnel.100_8804   I want to have her done to wear this fall!  Wish me luck…I really think I can kick it into high gear and get it done.  There have already been evenings cool enough that I wish she was wrapped around my shoulders…  Especially at Bee’s football practices… 

I thought I was doing so well last night, remembering to take my camera and a chair…  Now I have to work on remembering the bottle of water for the thirsty, tired athlete and jackets for us spectators.  It was freezing last night!  We came home and had hot chocolate and hot baths!100_8750

Scotty has one more practice on Monday and then the real games start on Tuesday.  I’ll miss two of them next week:  the first one because Will will be in scouts and Thursday’s game is at the same time as the PTA meeting…  Apparently, even parents who are aware of over-committing  get caught in this trap once in a while… 

So, just a couple more pictures to share…  Saw on another knitting blog where this lady had put skeins of yarn in a tall, clear glass jar and it was so beautiful, I wanted to do something like it too.  I’ve had these beautiful glass jars, just sitting around for months now.100_8720_2   They belonged to my maternal grandmother.  They’re very special to me and now the biggest one has a prominent spot in our home and it’s just beautiful!  Also the blue pitcher on the middle shelf was my paternal grandmother’s.  Also very sentimental to me.  I love having these pieces of my family sitting around for all to see and enjoy. I hope my grandmothers like that their things are still being enjoyed…even if it is by a granddaughter that neither one of them knew very well.  These items make me remember my grandmothers fondly.

This last picture makes me so happy, because I love fall and everything that goes along with it!  I’ve been anxiously waiting for the local markets to get pumpkins, ever since seeing Nora’s on her blog. ( http://noragriffin.typepad.com/ndg/2007/09/i-couldnt-resis.html ) So until Hazel’s Pumpkin Patch opens for the season, I have these:100_8745

I better run get started on mommy stuff and packing.  Besides my coffee cup is empty.

I hope you have a great weekend too!


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