Look At Our Bee Go!

100_8669  I’m so proud of Scotty!  He really enjoyed himself at his first football practice.  No shy baby behavior…just excited and happy to be there and participating and listening and learning…as much as a small child can.  He did so well. 

I didn’t notice, however, til I got home and unloaded my camera, that he had a big smile on his face in just about every shot!  He was really, really having a ball.

So far, I really like the two coaches too.  Very involved and trying to help, one-on-one when it looks like it’s needed.  I so appreciate teachers that know that children are children!100_8671

There he goes again!  It’s amazing to me how varied the little boys’ football skills are.  A couple of the boys looked as if they’d been playing for years and then some, like Bee, don’t know much about the game yet…

These kids are all 6 and 7 years old…not that much age difference, but really, really apparent in some of them.  We have another "pre-season" practice this Thursday and the first real game next Tuesday.  I think Bee’s gonna love it.100_8674

"RUN, BEE, RUN!!!"  Yep, I’m one of those obnoxious, screaming moms that I swore I’d never be…even at the practices!  (Just to let you in on a secret…Daddy was yelling too!!!)

Will wanted to play, but we weren’t able to work it out with his doing Boy Scouts too…  And, I don’t know, I think Bee really shone because he wasn’t distracted by his brother…(maybe among other reasons too.)100_8690

There were other siblings to play with Dood and Daddy played with him.  He was happy too.100_8694


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