Eye Candy Friday

100_8413 At Will’s request, I took a picture of the sky.  This was at the Labor Day picnic at Big Elk.  That kid is so smart.  This picture makes me happy!

I have a busy day ahead of me…  freezing yet more tomatoes,  (I’m going to be so depressed when tomato harvesting is over this year!) more laundry than any of you can imagine!  (believe me…I’ve been neglecting it for quite some time now…) 

I have a lunch date at school with Will, who reminded me first thing this morning that lunch is promptly at 12.  I think he’s looking forward to it.

I want to stop in the lss and visit, pay for Miss Nicki’s new craft co-op idea…  (yes, she’s brilliant…I’ll explain later.)  And I think I should have a CTMH order in–woo hoo, new scrapbook toys!

Nick and Scott are thinking about going camping/fishing this weekend…not sure yet if it’s actually going to happen or not.  Katherine and I plan to play together, knitting, either way, so I’m happy.

And…had breakfast with Scott’s Uncle Mike this morning.  He calls us and stops by to visit every fall, on his way to Wyoming to go hunting.  He’s a very sweet man.  Must be, in order for me to overlook the fact that he hunts, right?  He’s a big man with a kind heart and legendary bear hugs!  I wish my boys could have been there.  They were at school and we didn’t think to let them go in a little late.  Maybe they’ll get to see him on his way back home to Michigan…  Gotta remember my camera too!

Just got off the phone with my mother, who has requested more pictures of the newly rearranged living room, so here you go:100_8515 100_8517 This first one shows the the little hallway going towards the master bedroom, where we throw all our stuff when we come in, you know shoes, coats, keys, backpacks…  Then the second picture shows a crystal hutch in need of dusting (one of the things on my list today) and now we have room for our big sofa, instead of the love seat, upstairs…  tootsie-pop doesn’t know what to do with all the napping room on that big couch!  Also, new matching lamps everywhere…cool huh?

Alright, gotta run, got stuff to accomplish in order to keep my "Domestic Goddess" title…  {RIGHT…}


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