I’m thinking of sitting on my butt tomorrow…all day.

I’m so tired right now.  I worked all day, really hard, rearranging furniture and things and cleaning.  It all started when my parents decided to give us a beautiful, big entertainment center…  I never dreamed how much work it would be just to get it settled in the house…  But I did it.  It’s gorgeous and I’m glad it’s over.  I never want to move again!  I moved books from downstairs and photo albums from upstairs and cookbooks all in one lower cabinet and easily accessible now.  Here it is:100_8529

Still have to find spots for displaced art, but for the most part, it’s done.

Also rearranged the basement, with Katherine’s help.  But sadly, Scott says the new layout won’t work for him…  We’ll be tweaking it in the next few days…

I have a lunch date tomorrow with a handsome blonde.  (the other boy.)  Bee loved Mommy having lunch at school yesterday.  I hope Will has fun with me there.  Here’s a picture of my silly Scotty:100_8502

He was so sweet and mushy at lunch…holding my hand and showing me around and introducing me to everyone.  What a big boy he’s become overnight!  And, I’m happy to report, that he seems to really being enjoying kindergarten and even gave his teacher a hug the other day.  I couldn’t be happier!

Here’s another picture of the living room, with newly moved antique hutch and half the stuff removed from inside it…  it looks much prettier, trust me.100_8533   You can barely make out the new art that my folks bought me last time we were in Grand Lake.  I’ll have to post a better picture of it later…it’s really, really gorgeous.  Thanks, Mama!

All this rearranging and organizing really has gotten me in the mood to tackle more soon…  my studio is looking more and more like a store room and the store room is just looking like a great big mess.  I can’t wait til the day that both Scott and I are in the mood to tackle it together!  (Probably this winter sometime…)

Guess that’s it for now.  I’m gonna go sack out!  I hope you had a productive day too.


2 thoughts on “I’m thinking of sitting on my butt tomorrow…all day.

  1. Hi Boo, I sure am glad Scott wanted the entertainment furniture. It sure is beautiful. I know you love it too now even though you didn’t know what to do with it all. It is still one of the prettiest sets to me also. Your living room looks amazing good job. Do my boys think it’s purrrrty?
    Later. Love Me.

  2. Not to mention the painting. It is gorgeous. I may have to buy some of that artists work next year during our yearly visit to Grand Lake.
    Love Me.

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