Still hanging out in Colorado and lovin’ it

100_7986 Here’s another shot from Trail Ridge.  (love my camera’s panoramic feature!  Typepad can’t really do it justice.)100_8001

Still hanging out in Colorado, having fun and getting some life necessities done, like back-to-school shopping and little boy haircuts.  Today is "Boy Day"!!  They are so excited.  Since they’ve been so patient all week with Mommy and Guh, we’ve decided to take them to Walmart and buy something and go to McDonald’s for lunch and let them play in the brand new, remodeled play land.  They’ll love it!

The picture above was taken  in the Rocky Mt. Natl park at the Continental Divide.  One of the most beautiful places in the whole park, in my opinion.100_8037

And here’s one of my silly boys, playing at the park in Grand Lake.  It was PERFECT weather the day we chose to visit.  75 degrees, sunny, unbelievable blue sky!  Just lovely!  Our boys had so much fun!100_8053 We got ice cream, at an adorable little shop in town and spent too much money at an art gallery and went down by the lake and had lunch at a cute, little hamburger stand.  Here’s a shot of Grand Lake.  If you notice, the whole forest on the mountain is brown…the pine beetles have really take their toll in that area! 

I’ll share many more pictures later.  Right now gotta go get boys dressed and ready to go have fun.  I hope you have a fabulous day too!


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