Sunday afternoon and so many things I want to do…

I’m in the mood to scrapbook.  I’m in the mood to knit.  I’m in the mood to quilt and I’m in the mood to cook.  I want to transplant a Christmas cactus and plant an inside rose outside.  I want to get in the pool.  I want to finish reading the September issues of Simple Scrapbooks and Creating Keepsakes.  I want to start reading The Secret again. 

We leave for our last summer trip to Colorado on Wednesday.  Think I can get this all done before then?  Uh…no!  It’ll be fun trying, though.100_7807

I’ve come to the conclusion that socks are fun to knit.  It be a whole lot more fun if I could wear them, though.  I’ve finally decided why I don’t wear them–I’m knitting them to snug.  So, this lone sock is going to be Duke’s Christmas stocking and I’m working on a new, larger pair already.  I’m going to experiment with a better gusset and a reinforced heel too.  I’ll keep you posted.  But isn’t this self-patterning yarn really cool?  I got a skein in fall colors too.

Also in this picture are my boys’ little summer scrapbooks that they almost had fun making…  They managed to have fun with scissors and glue for about 45 minutes, but they were done long before Mommy felt like they should have been.  When I asked them (several days later) if they were ready to color them and put stickers and buttons on them, they both informed me that their books were already done and they didn’t want to do anything else to them.)  Alrighty then.  The books are cute as they can be…just very simple.  Now, I think they’re perfect just the way they are and I’m so glad I didn’t take it upon myself to "finish them up."100_7819

And…to quote Emeril, "OH YEAH, BABY."  Look what I picked out of my own garden!  Why the hell did it take me 40 years to figure out that I would love gardening.  I could have been doing this for years…but no.

The under-ripe tomatoes are a couple that I accidentally knocked off, while picking the red ones.  I put them in the kitchen window, hoping they’ll ripen up a little more.  I’m just so pleased with our little garden.  It’s going to be much, much bigger next year–I’m starting from seeds next year and buying more barrels and expanding our horizons…100_7832 100_7833 I think this little table, right in front of our sunny, sunny bay window will be the perfect baby plant nursery, til it’s warm enough to go outdoors, next May. 

I’m going to go upstairs and make some bruschetta topping out or our homegrown tomatoes in a little bit.  It’s going to be AWESOME!

So, went to a crop last Friday.  I don’t have much to show for it, though.  I was an hour late and left an hour early…just not feeling well.  I think it was too warm for me and I was drinking alcohol when I should have been drinking iced water.  No,  apparently I’m not old enough to know better!  It was really great spending time with Mandy and Denise–just didn’t last long enough.  Here’s the one page that I finished:100_7834   So, see I didn’t get much done.  I’ll have to try again real soon.  Got Stamp Club this Tuesday.  That’ll pump my creativity again…  Got several pages/projects floating around in my head.  Better start another list…

I’m not getting much quilting done lately, but I have been soaking up quilting information on the internet, finding cool new tools and figuring out what I absolutely have to have.  I need a big mat and rotary cutter right away.  And then later, I want a hoop on a stand-like this one .  And man, you should watch this quilter/designer in action.  Her name is Jean Brown.  She has her own technique of hand-quilting, using a little gadget that she calls "Aunt Becky".  Here’s the video, if you’d like to take a look and please let me know what you think of her techinique and if it’s worth a try. .

I guess that’s about it for now.  In closing, here’s a picture of the little rose bush that my honey surprised me with a few weeks ago.  It’s thriving and currently has lots of flowers again.100_7891   Just lovely.  Wish it were  a little cooler so that I could go out there and enjoy it!  (It’s way too hot today!)

Hope everyone’s having a fabulous weekend! 


One thought on “Sunday afternoon and so many things I want to do…

  1. Well the sock sure did knit up purrrrty. My Duke will love that Xmas sock. hehehehe.
    Veggies are real pretty also. Guess you ate them all up huh.
    Well maybe you’ll be calling in a little while. talk with ya later.
    What’s my boys doing. Can’t wait for hugs and kisses.
    Love Guh

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