Tuesday Stuff

Thinking about a lot of fun stuff today…  Katherine and the kids will be over in an hour for lunch and playing, we have a crop coming up this Friday, and I’m planning our last summer trip to Colorado which will include a fishing weekend for Scott, a night out with Debbie and Lisa and a visit to this place http://www.ecrackpots.com/about.htm , some back-to-school shopping.  We’ll have a ball!

Already thinking of my next quilting projects, even though Miranda isn’t close to being finished yet…  I want to make each of my boys a small/lap quilt, using blue minky fabric and primary colors.  I found this quilt on www.etsy.com and immediately knew what I wanted my little boy quilts to look like…Snugglequilt Isn’t it just beautiful?  If you’d like to check out more of this Etsy shop, their name is ThreeFrenchHens.

I’ve done enough hand-quilting now to know that I’ll be taking my 18" square frame back to the store.  It’s too big and the corners are hard to work around.  I’m in the market now for a 12 or 14 inch wooden hoop.  Any advice, Huckleberry?

Not sure what I’m going to play with today, while Katherine’s here…probably my latest sock  or might start on another knitting Christmas project…  hmmm

I have so many scrapbook pages running thru my head too…gotta get down here and get ready for the crop on Friday!

In closing, just wanted to share a couple silly, cute pictures…

100_7691 I always suspected that my boys would have been pretty girls!  lol  Found these little bonnets on sale at Chimney Rock Visitors Center and couldn’t resist trying them on.  Will and Scotty played right along.  What good sports!100_7683

I love this shot of Dood, reading this warning sign, at Chimney Rock.  We weren’t lucky (or unlucky) enough to actually see a rattle snake.  I think the boys really wanted to run into one, though.  Crazy nuts!  And speaking of reading—OH MY GOSH, our little first grader can read!  We are constantly amazed at how much he learned at kindergarten!  He’s a very bright little boy!  I love him so much!  That’s Chimney Rock in the background, just in case you were wondering…100_7696

And finally…we had no idea that our youngest had his own hamburger joint in Scottsbluff…  Cool, huh?  I dig the cool, retro design too…

I’m off to do Mommy stuff.  Have a great day. 


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