Saturday night

Such a nice,quiet time, right after the boys go to bed.  I love Saturday nights at home…  I’ve been crafting and looking at crafting blogs and my honey’s been taking it easy this evening, playing X-Box–he isn’t feeling to well, battling a summer cold…  Sure hope the boys and I don’t get it.  I’m kinda watching Little Miss Sunshine, which is proving to be a lot funnier than I ever dreamed… 

So, the boys and I got home yesterday afternoon, from Colorado.  I got unpacked and cleaned up, went to the grocery store today and we’re all set for a visit from Grandma and Grandpa any minute… The boys are so, so excited for them to get here.  We’re even planning a little birthday party for our Daddy on Wednesday with both sets of grandparents and friends.  It’s going to be great.

As much as I love packing up and heading off to Colorado, it’s good to get home too!  This past week at my Mom and Dad’s we had a lot of time to stay in.  They were doing a little remodeling and had to stay close to home.  Mama and I got a lot of knitting done, the boys played with Duke, it was all good!  So, here’s the progress on Bee’s Christmas sweater:100_7480   I’m really starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I can feel the sense of accomplishment already, for having completed my first sweater!  I’m hoping to get all the knitting done before we head to Colorado again, first week in August.  I’m hoping that my mother will help me sew it all together while there next.  One Christmas present down!  Probably will start on Bee’s Christmas stocking next.  So, I ran out of the beautiful Aran yarn for this sweater, or I would have gotten alot more done…  So, I was forced to steal some of my mother’s yarn and start a sock that was completely unplanned…100_7478   I’m going to play around with the pattern and do some knitting thru the back that I heard will make the sock stronger and maybe even double the yarn on the heal…  Just going to experiment and have fun.

Also got to Hobby Lobby while we were in Colorado and found the fabric for the back of my quilt.100_7477 I can’t wait to work on it again.  May be a while…  I think it’s going to be so gorgeous and I think I’m already addicted to another craft!

That’s it for now.  I’m off to have a Mike’s Hard Berry! 

I hope you’re having a great weekend too!

Oh, can you believe I didn’t take one picture while we were in Colorado?  Not one…what’s wrong with me?  Have I lost my inner scrapbooker?


One thought on “Saturday night

  1. OMG ~ I have that same fabric!!! I chose it for my inspiration piece for my Vintage Valentine quilt that I’m going to start working on month-by-month with my best quilting friend, Sharon. It is gorgeous!! And I love Robyn Pandolph! 🙂 Great minds think alike!!!

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