It’s Sunday night and I need another weekend

I guess a week in Colorado will have to do, though…  It’s been such a busy weekend that I can’t even tell that I slept til noon on Saturday!  lol  The boys and I are leaving tomorrow, after we have lunch with Daddy and we’re going to be there all week.  We’re stuck at Guh’s house the first three days (they’re having some remodeling done at the house) and I think that’s just what I need:  mandatory down time! 

So…  are you curious as to what the heck I was doing all weekend?  First of all, Friday night I went quilting and with Katherine’s help, we completed the top of my first quilt and it’s BEAUTIFUL!100_7425 I had decided to just bite the bullet and order some of that gorgeous Heather Bailey Freshcut fabric for the backing…but when I went to pay for it and the total was over 50 bucks for 5 yards, I had second thoughts…  I think I’ll look at HL next week, with my mother…  I just can’t wait to work on this again and especially to cuddle up with it for the first time.  It’s so girly and pink, I just love it already.  I really enjoyed the process so much too…Katherine and I had a blast.  I already have a couple more (smaller) quilts in mind for my boys next year…  Also Friday night Katherine gave me a wonderful gift…  cuttings from her thriving, gorgeous strawberry plants!100_7420

They’re so beautiful in my front window.

So most of Saturday we worked and played in the yard and then went out to dinner and to see the new Harry Potter movie.  I thought it was pretty good.  I think Will was a little bored and Scotty fell asleep the last 40 minutes.  It was just too long for a 5-year-old.  He had great fun eating his popcorn and drinking his very own coke, though.

So then today started out with some exciting news…100_7447  Our Dood lost his second tooth!  Daddy’s got to sneak in there in a little bit with fairy dust and money! 

100_7441 We spent most of today outside too, playing and working in the yard.  It was 95 degrees here today and very low humidity.  It was really great for… hanging clothes out on my new clothesline!  I’ve wanted a clothesline for so long and Scott finally gave in!  Thanks, honey!  It was so much fun, hanging linens out there all afternoon…reminded me so much of when I was a little girl, helping Mama hang the linens on the line.  We used to do it pretty frequently when I was little.  I feel so grown up and I told Scott that it makes me feel like a good Mommy.  Am I crazy?

So just a couple more pictures to share:100_7452 I couldn’t stand it anymore.  The Nguyens’ carrots are just too pretty, so…  I planted my own.  I know it’s pretty late in the season, but I couldn’t help myself.  Scott bought these cute little blue and green pots for me.  And I have a little black poodle on the top stair, keeping watch over them…  silly little KC followed me in and out all day, a hundred times today.  My little shadow, since my Jo passed.  He even woke me up this morning, snoring, just like Jo!  It started my day off with a sweet memory and a smile! 

And finally we have another new arrival in the garden…100_7473_2

My first strawberry!  I know you aren’t supposed to really count on berries the first year, but I’m very excited to see blossoms and berries!

My bell peppers are growing beautifully too.  I’m going to make stuffed peppers for my honey soon as they’re ready to pick and he’s going to love them…or else!  (kidding, honey.  I bet you like them, though.)  Maybe I’ll get to use our Roma tomatoes in the stuffing too…  I’m so excited!  I can’t wait.

Well, I’m outta here…  Can’t wait to see Mama and Daddy again and knit my little fingers off!  Have a great week everyone!


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