Eye Candy Friday

100_7388 Gardening, as with most things in life, are a live-and-learn matter for me.  This summer I’ve learned that there are no flowers prettier that the little purple ones that grow on thyme and I can cook with the herb.  I’m going to have whole flowers pots next year of just thyme.  After checking out a friend’s garden, I now know that I want to fill a couple flower pots (next summer) with carrots too.  I never new the tops were so beautiful and Katherine tells me they eventually get flowers too…  They’re really gorgeous!  I’m already harvesting marigold seeds for next year… I may not have to buy anything next year…  that’d be nice.

So after my downer post yesterday, I’m feeling really good today.  My housekeeper came to help out this morning and the boys and I went and did all our errands and groceries and stuff.  We even took a swim in our pool, before it got all cloudy.  It was really nice. 

Now, I’m off to shower and I’m going quilting tonight.  I can’t wait to get started.  IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING, huh Huckleberry and Sandy?  (I’ve been talking about quilting for at least three years now…)

Postponed the trip to Colorado til Monday and we’ll be gone all week.  I couldn’t stand to leave my honey all by himself all weekend.  So got a couple more days to play at home.  I guess that’s it this time.  Hope you’re having a fabulous day too.


One thought on “Eye Candy Friday

  1. Have fun quilting tonight! I’ve been gone ‘quilting’ for the past month although I haven’t physically gotten anything done! LOL Hoping to have more time to get some real things done soon! 🙂

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