A little sad…

100_7150I never dreamed I’d love summer like I do now.  I’m very hot-natured, grew up in Savannah, GA, where we never got snow and it was summer year round.   One of my main requirements regarding where we can live now, is that it must snow there.  I’m not kidding.  I don’t like the heat and my first 35 years I didn’t like outdoor stuff, unless it was up in the Rockies somewhere…  But as for gardening, taking care of plants and lawn and playing outside…not for me…until now.

Having Will home everyday, not having to go to school…  wow, what fun we’re having!  I like to fill their days with activities, make them good, fresh things to eat, have friends over every day to play, take full advantage of summer break!  I think Will likes staying home too–I don’t think he appreciates it like he will in the future…  the kid loves school so much, he’s going to be very excited to go back at the end of August too.100_7387   He’s been counting down the days, nearly since summer break started…

This fall, however, the baby goes to full-day kindergarten too.  I’ll be home alone.  I don’t even remember my life alone.  I used to enjoy time alone and I’m sure I’ll grow accustomed to it again, but it’s going to be a strange and unwelcome transition for me.  (I’m not sure Bee’s going to like it much either…he’s quite a Mommy’s boy.)  I know I can still fill up my days with wife/mommy stuff.  I know that when school starts up, so does scouts, flag football, and a myriad of other kid-related activities.  I know I can stay busy and keep my mind occupied.  But I’m very sad about the passing of the little-kid-staying-at-home-with-Mommy phase.  I can’t believe how quickly it got here. 

For Scotty’s sake especially (since he’s the one who’s a little aprehensive about new situations, new people and places) I’ll make a big, happy deal out of the fact that he’s going to school with his brother this year.  We’ll have fun, buying all the stuff on his back-to-school supplies list.  He’ll have a handsome new shirt to wear on the first day, just like his brother.  Mommy will take a zillion pictures.  But inside, I’m going to be a little sad…


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