Tuesday Morning

Looks like we are going back to Colorado this Saturday.  Not sure if we’re going to have time to play in the mountains this time, though.  So, thought I’d share some of the  beautiful places we played last time.100_7305 100_7280 100_7281 100_7259 Also including a picture of Duke and his favorite boys.100_7298_00 

And, I finally got around to finishing up my altered star (from www.itkitstudio.com)  I think it turned out really cute.100_7381   Soon as I get this last load of laundry caught up, I’m going to go do some knitting.  I’ve decided on a couple new, fun projects that I’ll be sharing later.  I’m pretty excited to get started on them.  Also, Katherine has convinced me to enter some open class competitions at the Cheyenne County Fair this summer!  I can’t resist…  I’m going to enter the scrapbooking and a couple of the baking competitions.  (God knows I have taste-tested recipes, huh everyone at CPS, who got to taste and rate a hundred recipes when I was working on opening a bakery)  Also going to enter some of my veggies from the garden and since the boys have been helping out with the garden’s care, I’m going to enter them under the boys’ names.  Thought that might be fun for them.  I am not, however, going to enter anything in the knitting category…  don’t want to compete with my quilting instructor Katherine!  lol

So, gonna go knit or swim or something…  in closing, here are some pictures of the before mentioned veggies:  for the record, the red, orange and green bell peppers all start out green.100_7395

We have our first strawberry blossom–seriously doubt we’ll have berries this year, though.  Gives us something really special to look forward to next summer, I guess…100_7390

I think we’re going to have *hitloads of Roma tomatoes in another week or so…100_7398   We’re going to be so sick of salsa and bruschetta!  Gotta get some more stakes for these babies.

I’m outta here.  Have a great day!


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