Home again

Finished (if you can call it that) my first Fair Isle sock today…boy, what a giant pain in the butt it’s turned out to be…  This is my first attempt at Fair Isle and ripping it three times to do it looser and it’s still too tight to fit over my heel…  and to make matters even worse, the toe decreases are on the top and bottom—not the sides…misidentified my dpns…  WHATEVER~!  I’m just glad to have it off my needles and you know what, my puppies are going to have a hand knit Christmas stocking!!!100_7354   My Dood is modeling for me.  I love the look and feel of this yarn so much, that I’m going to find a lace sock pattern to use it and I’m really looking forward to getting started so that I’ll have one sock to make a match for at Socktoberfest! 

My honey tried it on too, said the toe of the sock felt really good…hmmm…wonder if he’d like a soft, cozy pair of socks for Christmas…hmmm…

Got a bunch more done on Bee’s Christmas sweater too…  I’m nearly done with the front and want to start on a sleeve this week.

I think the boys and I are probably going to try to go back to Colorado next weekend, so I won’t have much knitting time at home this week, most likely…

I know, I know, we just got back from Colorado, but I just realized summer break is already half over and we’ve only been to the swimming pool in Longmont once!!!  We gotta get busy having fun, man!

It was so wonderful to come home to thriving veggies and flowers and happy puppies.  My dear, sweet friends who helped me out, THANK YOU!!!

So, I’m off to enjoy some peace and quiet while my three boys are out to see the new Transformers movie.  Here’s a fantastic shot of my Dad with the boys.  Three of my favorite men in the world!100_7345


2 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Hey Boo,
    that is a beautiful picture and daddy and our two grandboys. I’m going to put a copy in the pocket of both my knitting bags you gave me. Your peppers look beautiful but the little yellow squashes look pitiful. The sock is beautiful also. It look really pretty on Dood’s little leg heheheh.
    Talk with ya later love ya. Me.

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