Last minute prep

So, I was outside this morning, showing my friend/neighbor what all needs to be watered while we’re gone, and made some observations…first of all, we finally have baby bell peppers.  Aren’t they adorable?  I’m so excited!100_7198 There’s even a bug in my picture, pollenating another for me…  I can’t wait to have stuffed peppers out of my own homegrown bell peppers.  I have three plants:  one green, one red and one orange…  I wonder if they all start out green or if this is the green plant?  Anyone?

Another observation…  my Iowa marigolds are blossoming!  These are sentimental because they’re seeds from the marigolds that we planted in our backyard in Iowa.  Planning to harvest seeds from these for next year too!100_7190

Also…why are my squash not growing?  They stop growing, turn darker yellow and shrivel up…  Might they be getting too much water?  I pulled these this morning…my plants don’t need to waste energy on these little guys anymore…


And finally, my thyme is thriving too.  I’ve never done thyme before, but I’m finding it quite therapeutic…it’s soft and thick and very pleasant to touch and smell and I had no idea that it has beautiful, little purple flowers on it.  We started the summer with three bunches, but this is the only one to have survived the last trip to Colorado…so it’s very special to me too…I absolutely love how it cascades down the side of the container…  I’m not so in love with the African Daisies that I bought for the first time this year.   They’re just tall, straggly looking things to me, unless you’re looking at them from straight above and all you can see is the blooms…  I probably won’t do them again. 

I guess that’s it for now.  Gotta go pack and get ready to go.  Trying to keep my mind off a very sad anniversary today–that I’ll write more about later, when I’m not so, so emotionally raw.  Just trying to keep busy with Colorado preparations right now.  We’ll be back on Sunday.  I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday and weekend.100_7191


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