The Crunch Begins

I’m spending my time today getting ready to go to Colorado tomorrow:  doing laundry, cleaning house, last minute trip to the grocery store, post office, cleaners.  My crazy husband decided to have a party at our house tonight (the night before we leave for an out-of-state trip…)  What was he thinking?  The boys and I are going to go on a mini shopping trip to Sterling tonight, while Daddy entertains…  Trying not to let myself get too overwhelmed this time and try not to expect too much of myself…  It’ll make for a happier me.

I don’t think there’ll be any pool time today, which is a major bummer…  the boys are both pink from a bit too much sun and I have lots to do indoors…  We’ll see.  Here’s a picture of a little landscape project that my honey just finished up and our new swing that has made our patio a wonderful, little outdoor room.  I’m going to LOVE it in the fall!100_7132 We’re thinking of staining the concrete too.  I think it would make a world of difference.  Then a silly picture of my sun tea.  I just thought it was so pretty.100_7111   I didn’t get any of this pitcher for myself…everytime I’d think about getting some, it was too late in the day and it would have kept me up at night…  (don’t like decaf).  So I’ll make another pitcher today–no more photos though…  I think Scott enjoyed the tea, course he drinks it unsweetened, yamn dankee!  (love you, honey.)

Finished up my last few scrapbook pages from the crop too and I’m working on altering a tin star today.  I bought the It Kit add on for June and can’t wait to make that little star!  If you’d like to check it out (I don’t believe it’s sold out yet), here’s the link: .  So here are the final new layouts.100_7164  The first is a complete color rip-off of an Ali layout in the latest CK magazine…she mentioned that she was really getting into white and biege together…thought I’d try it too. 

Just playing around with the next one and having fun doing landscape 81/2 x 11 layouts too.  I just love that picture of my little boys!  (being nice to each other is a wonderful thing!) 100_7163 100_7162 100_7160 

Now one using a Hambly overlay!  I’m completely addicted!  And finally got to use this cool Scenic Route paper that I nearly didn’t buy because someone said it looked girly…  So I added pink flowers!  HA!  "Sometimes a horse has got to do what a horse has got to do." 

Alrighty, off to do more laundry and find the suitcases.  Got a whining boy joining me in my scrapbook room, so I’m hurrying trying to get outta here…  EEK…

Have a great day!


One thought on “The Crunch Begins

  1. I finally made my way over to your blog.
    I had forgotten that you had messaged me the link…all this time.
    Cute layouts!
    The boys are so grown up! We don’t see pictures very often on May Babies.

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