Sunday afternoon thoughts

Just thinking what a great weekend it’s been.  We worked on the yard and played outdoors all day yesterday.  Had Mandy and the girls over to play in the waterslide this afternoon and Katherine coming to knit tonight.  We’ve had wholesome meals (for the most part).  It’s really been nice.  And to make it really great for me, my honey has been happy and silly and singing.  (I love it when he’s silly!)  So, I’m going to share some pictures of things that are making me happy.  Here we go…  This first picture is of the summer wreath that I bought at Joann’s last week.  (purple is my favorite color…has been since Purple Rain.)100_6941 100_6955

The second picture is of my Christmas cactus that’s blooming again.  This plant was started from a clipping from my mother’s plant, which was a clipping from her grandmother’s plant.  It’s very special to me.  It’s in need of a bigger pot, I’m just not sure how large I want to allow it to get…100_6942   Next, alright it goes without saying that my children make me happy.  But to get my children, in cute summer clothes, with happy little smiles on their faces, with all my flowers in full bloom and my beautiful new shutters…this picture really makes me happy!100_6961   Next, home baked, from scratch pumpkin bread, moist and yummy. I absolutely love pumpkin, year round–not just in the fall. This recipe is a keeper.  Got it from Katherine.  As with lots of baked goods, it got more moist overnight.  I’d bake it the day before I wanted to serve it.  I’ll  share the recipe later.  I put one loaf in the freezer and we’re quickly making the other one disappear…

  Next…great news from the garden scene…we have baby roma tomatoes and I couldn’t be happier!100_6962 As a matter of fact, the whole garden took off in the last couple of weeks and everything is looking so gorgeous.  We’ll be eating out of it, before we know it!100_6968_2 100_6971 Gotta get on the internet and figure out how I’m supposed to harvest my leaf lettuce.  It’s really pretty and thriving and I’m thinking we could be dining on home grown salad now!  The squash are gorgeous, just giving them some more time to get a little larger.100_6973   

And the final picture for today is of my little boys’ bedroom.  Beds have been un-bunked, furniture taken out and rearranged and dusted and straightened up.  Daddy hung a pretty new blind, the bedtime toys have been thinned way out and here’s the new room.  Our boys are very excited about the changes.  Now I have to go thru all their clothes and get rid of outgrown items and sadly, our boys aren’t the same size any longer.  Scotty is larger…so I’ll be labeling and seperating clothes.  Then I need to sew another valance–probably just like the denim one that I made, not too long ago for their playroom.  I think it looks really nice and at last, I can make up both beds…I never even tried to make the top bunk!  lol100_6976   

I have lots of gorgeous pictures to scrapbook.  I’m trying to organize a crop for this Friday…  I’m hoping to have scrapbook stuff to share next weekend.

I will have some fun knitting stuff to share later this week and some more fun travel plans.

I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend too!  I’m outta here–try to figure out something yummy for dinner.


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