First Summer trip to Colorado

Our first summer trip to Colorado began with a pedicure and look what they did to my trendy, little toes:100_6708 Debbie and I had a fantastic time, getting pampered at the spa and I can’t wait to do it again.  My little tootsies haven’t looked so pretty in years!  Here’s a picture of Debbie, lovin’ every minute of it too.  They gave us Mimosa…it was totally awesome. 100_6690 She doesn’t look old, does she?  But she is…hahaha.  We were there to celebrate her birthday and I know how old she is!  HA!  So from the spa to Big Elk for mountain fun, rest, relaxation.  Drove the atv a couple of times, just toodling around the neighborhood, checking out the wildlife and flowers and stuff.100_6718 100_6719 Our boys love Guh and Umpa’s mountain house.  There’s so much to do, especially when the weather’s nice.    Bee said he wanted to live there forever…alrighty…  (sometimes I’d like to leave him there!  I’M KIDDING!)  My boys are so patient with Mommy wanting to take pictures every few seconds.  They pose like pros!


My honey got to relax a bit and go fishing, testing his new fly fishing skills again.  He lucked up and one of my folks’ friends had his boat on the lake and invited Scott to join him.  Lo and behold, look what my baby caught:  a 40 lb bugle mouth trout! 100_6813 Alright, alright, it was a carp–but he was a huge fish, very scary for me.  The boys thought it was totally cool.  And, as you can tell from the photo, my honey was pretty happy.   So before we knew it, it was time to return to civilization–meaning go home to the front range.  Guh and Umpa were both in the mood to spend some money!  So on Sunday Scott took off with Daddy and shopped til they dropped, buying movies, and palm pilot thingies and ipod adapters and who knows what else…  On Monday Mama and the boys and I took off for our own retail therapy.  Spent 600 bucks at Lambspun in Fort Collins!  We have enough yarn to last a lifetime now.  LOL  Spoiled our boys with a trip to the toy department at Target and new summer clothes from Old Navy.  Had a blast.  After that, we just hung out, played with our new yarn, the boys played with their new Super Soaker.  Found a wonderful wading pool in Longmont and took the boys.  Got a great little sunburn going on too…100_6863 100_6886 100_6899 100_6929 So, I’m catching up on Mommy stuff today and tomorrow.  I have knitting fun to share later.  I’m trying to figure out when we can do a crop at the lss.  I’m in the mood to cook, with lots of new recipes…  I’ll keep you posted.  Won’t be going back to Colorado again til July 5th…  Already looking forward to it! 100_6926


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