Tuesday Morning

So look what my honey got for me.100_6530_2 I’ve wanted an ipod for some time, but strangley have allowed to price to keep me from buying one…  (I know, weird, huh.)  I can’t wait to get her loaded up with all my favorite music and to knit a little cozy for her.  (yes, I know, I’m stupid.)  We still need to figure out how to play it in the van and I’ll be a cool Mommy, "rocking" to John Denver tunes, as I speed down the road.  (my children will be so proud!)

We had a very busy, productive weekend and are just about done with the yard work we wanted to do this year.  Now, I’m already thinking of Christmas projects that should be started and winter/inside/painting projects that I want to do…  There’s always something we’re wanting to improve or change…  Got a beautiful cage for our Romas.100_6609   I’m not quite sure why I don’t have baby tomatoes yet–maybe it’s still too early.  My bell peppers haven’t changed one little bit, since we put them in the dirt…not sure what’s going on there either…  Live and learn, I guess.  Everything else is doing great.  Scott got our last 3 trees in the ground and got our new shutters up.  The burgandy shutters made such a difference on the front of our house, that the neighbor across the street came over and told me how beautiful they were.  I was so happy!    We still plan to paint the front door the same color and the light fixtures on each side of the garage will be black.  It’s going to look really great.  100_6637

So I’m busy doing laundry, trying to keep the house in order and get ready to go to Colorado for a week.  I’m really looking forward to some down time.  Going to hang out with my cousin and have a spa day and go out to lunch this Friday.  Another trip to MSK is in the plan!  Can’t wait!  Then maybe go up to Big Elk and knit and play.  The boys are very excited.  We all miss Duke something awful.  lol

So, I have boys begging for food, starving to death.  Their Mommy never feeds them, you know.  I guess I’ll go make breakfast.

I hope you have a great day too!100_6620


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