Garden Update

I think our garden is doing well…  This is only my second garden and my first container garden.  I’m thrilled with how my tomatoes are taking off. (They really need support already, even though there are no tomotoes yet, the weight of the plants are already bending them over.) The summer squash is coming along.100_6462   The lettuce is thriving.100_6463   I replaced the strawberries with healthier, larger plants, so hopefully we’ll be seeing berries this year…100_6464   The flowers are doing great. And our new little tree, in the front yard looks wonderful, if it survives the current windstorm passing through the Colorado Front Range and Nebraska panhandle.  They’re calling it "a major wind event" on the news.  And today’s the day my honey flies into DIA.   I’m sure he isn’t worried at all.  I’m a basketcase and will be ecstatic when he’s home tonight!100_6473 100_6478 100_6470 Still have two maple trees and a blue spruce to put in the ground and that’ll be it for this year.  Can’t wait to get it all done and enjoy the fruits of my husband’s labor!  hehehe 

So, I hope you have a fabulous day ahead of you.  I know I do!


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