100_6390 Aren’t these beautiful?  They grace the side of lots or roads around here right now.  They’re just wildflowers:  goldenrod and rose mallow. (so the lady at the nursery tells me).  I guess I think they’re paticularly beautiful because orange and yellow are some of my favorite colors.  (fall colors.)  Just snapped this shot on the side of the interstate, on the way to Fort Collins last Saturday, which by the way was a blast.  Had so much fun with Katherine and Anja, doing all kinds of fun girl things:  Joann’s, My Sister Knits, The Treasure Box, Target…can’t forget Target!  lol

Started the day at Joann’s and I found all the fabric for the top of my first quilt!!!  I’m very excited to get started, just not quite sure when yet… 100_6417 Scott says it looks like an old lady blanket…  He’ll eat his words, eventually!  It’s going to be gorgeous and young and fun and girly when it’s all done!  And I’ll expect an apology, Mister!

After Joann’s we went over to Hu-Hot for a fabulous lunch, ate too much but it was terribly yummy!  Then on to My Sister Knits, possibly the best store (of any kind) in the entire free world!  Right, Katherine?  I’m pretty sure that Katherine and I would love to own a store exactly like this one–just not enough demand here in lil ol’ Sidney, I’m afraid.  We spent  a lot of time, wandering around and just enjoying being there.  It’s such a pretty shop, it’s fun just to visit.  I think I could spend a whole day in there, just hanging out, knitting.  I’m dying to take one of their classes next time I’m in town.100_6409   I did manage to spend 135 bucks this time!  EEK!  Got myself a cute little double pointed needle cozy and a set of ebony Lantern Moon sock needles, got some gorgeous yarn that I swear looks like strawberry cotton candy to make cupcakes out of!  (can’t wait to get started on that too!)  Also bought some irresistable and over-priced yarn for our square-of-the-month too.  Gorgeous colors and extremely soft texture will get me every time.100_6438   And of course, I have to buy one skein for my mother too…  especially since she supports my habit!  hehehe…

So, much to our husbands’ surprise, we were back home, in Sidney by dinner time and had a fabulous dinner together, before we called it a day.  The Italian Beef sandwiches were delicious and I’d like the recipe, please, when you get time, K.

Sunday, I spent most of the day in bed, not feeling great, mostly just tired and thyroid-y.  A nice, long, quiet, peaceful day later and I’m golden!  One last thing to share:  my contribution for the latest One Little Word blog challenge:100_6388   Yep, I did lots of things that I’ve seen C.D. Muckosky do.  I love her style and I’m trying some new things.  I think it turned out ok.

Off to make dinner.  I have a great recipe to share later this week, for bruschetta burgers–Yummy!

Have a great night!


One thought on “Tuesday

  1. I wanna see your needle cozy and needles!! Love that yarn. Wish you could come to Purls with me. I’m going on the 22nd to knit it’s from 5pm to midnight like a crop, pizza and everything for $5! This week is sock boot camp. I have to work, but there’s a Cupcake class this month, too.

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