Welcome to my new blog home

100_6293_6 This is the first picture I took at the cook-out on Memorial Day.  I’m not a cat person, only because I’m allergic to them, otherwise I’d have one…this one…right now!  Meow…  Just a little farm kitten, lives in the middle of nowhere, with a loving family and some goats and chickens.  Isn’t she adorable?

So onto business…Welcome to my new blog home.  I decided to switch because I didn’t like the "improvements" that were being made at AOL.  So, here I am.  I figure if Typepad is good enough for Ali, Donna and Cathy, it’s probably good enough for me too.  lol

100_9493_2 So, we had a fabulous, long, holiday weekend.  The men and Will and Tim went fishing in Colorado.  They stayed at Big Elk, with my folks.  Us girls and the little boys stayed home and played.  Went to aforementioned cook-out on Memorial Day and had a fabulous time and came home and got one of our four trees in the ground.  It was really nice. 100_9498    

I’ve got a little more gardening I want to do this year.  I want to go to Ricky and Lucy’s Greenhouse and buy several overpriced strawberry plants…  I think I’ve killed the ones I already own.  I thought Scott was watering them, he thought I was watering them…bottom line is:  they’ve been getting no water and they’re pretty pitiful looking— especially next to Katherine’s beautiful baby strawberries…  I’m not even thinking of posting pictures of my strawberry planter…I think you can barely make out a couple, small pieces of greenery in mine.  But look at her’s!  She’s going to be making strawberry ice cream any day now!  lol100_6266   Isn’t it great?  So we have two more maple trees to plant and a blue spruce and I think we might be done for this year.  I can’t wait to get started harvesting stuff.  The rest of my garden is thriving.  We have baby, yellow squash already…no sign of tomatoes or peppers, but our lettuce is growing at an unbelievable rate too.  I’m going to be picking fresh salad pretty soon!

I started a new knitting project today too.  I’m going to start on another pair of socks too–have a couple new tricks up my sleeve that I want to try out.  Also want to do the latest One Little Word blog challenge when the boys go to bed tonight.  I have some new toys to play with on the scrapbooking front too:  new Rhonna alpha stamps and colored pencils…Yummo.

Scott has softball practice tonight, so dinner with be quick and easy and I can get down to the important stuff of life:  PLAYING!

Speaking of playing, I’m planning a full day of playing this Saturday:  hanging out with Katherine in  Fort Collins, Colorado:  Joann’s, Hu-Hot, My Sister Knits, The Treasure Box and home to have dinner with the honeys and kiddos.  How much better can you get than that?!  lol

Alrighty, here’s wishing this Typepad thing works out and I’m off to fulfill my mommy-ly duties.  Have a great day, everyone!


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